Living with Cancer: Poetry by the Bensonhurst Poet

living with cancer

Living with Cancer: I wrote the following when I underwent radiation for Prostate Cancer 2 years ago. I think other seniors will appreciate my message.

From Suddenly Senior Reader, The Bensonhurst Poet

Living with Cancer

Let’s face it, having cancer is never any fun

It can be a nightmare for almost everyone

Verily, it’s the fear of it that will do the most damage to you

If you can control that, you’ll live longer and happier, too

Never stay with “Crepe Hangers” with their tales of woe

Journey Through Cancer

Get together with optimists and keep yourself on the go

WITH God’s blessings you’re sure to get well

Call on Him, He’ll listen to what you have to tell

And with the latest technology better cures are always being found

Now you’ll find the one that will get you around

Care for yourself and keep yourself looking good too

Every day enjoy the pleasures that will come to you

Remember, your fondest dreams will be coming true

Ode to Waitresses

Waiting on tables, you’ve got to be fast

And if you’re not, you’re not going to last.

I don’t see how you take all that guff

Then you catch heck if you bring the wrong stuff.

Remembering what diners order is something I can’t do

Even so, we always expect that from you.

So, everyone please treat waitresses with some civility

Since it’s apparent that they work at the lowest servility.

Each time you order now, do it with class

Say thanks for her service and leave alone her ass!

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