Health & Medical

Journey Through Cancer

Carolyn Beats The Reaper. Again?

Almost two months ago, I received a phone call from Frank, telling me that Carolyn was en-route to hospital again, near death. He requested that I send out an email blast to our many thousands of readers, asking for your prayers. A flood of responses from all over the world ensued. Since then I’ve received many emails asking for an update on Carolyn’s health. Well, it’s good news. Very good news. I’ll let Frank take it from here. [Ed]

Life in The Slow Lane

Frank and Carolyn Kaiser have been to hell and back this last year, healthwise. But you can’t keep a good man – or woman – down, as they say. They’re very much alive and kicking – just kicking a little more slowly and carefully. [Ed]

Kaiser’s in Remission

Let’s start with the good news: Both Carolyn’s and my cancers are now in remission!There is no bad news.

For me, what began last October when doctors discovered a rare and deadly form of small-cell bladder cancer with a zero percent chance of remission — they gave me “perhaps a year” to live — ended this week “cancer free.”

Outfoxing the Grim Reaper

WHAT A YEAR THIS HAS BEEN! Frank explains how he and Carolyn cope both having terminal cancer. Hmm. They’re coping pretty well if you read between the lines.

Astounding News! Seniors Enjoy Hot Sex!

WHERE 15 MINUTES used to be more than adequate, now we make love for an hour or more. And get this: Neither of us has ever been more climactic. Here’s yet another reason to welcome aging.

Here We Go, Again

Carolyn’s turn to bring you up to date. “I love putting the weekly jokes together for you, and starting last Sunday, the week’s best jokes are again winging their way to you weekly: The Sunday Funnies, courtesy of a friend who loves to laugh.

And The Fat Lady Never Sang

“I don’t remember exactly when this first occurred to me, but I knew I was going to die. And soon.” Kaiser gets Stage IV cancer and lives to laugh about it.

We’ve had a harrowing time and now need a break after nine years and 4,550 pages at Suddenly Senior. Learn what happened.

On The Trail to Cancer Survival: Carolyn’s Stem Cell Transplant

She’s been to hell and back. Here’s what it’s like to be a cancer survivor for a year.

The Pitfalls Of Passionate Caregiving

When I had a heart attack last week, I wasn’t about to call 911. My wife, Carolyn, has cancer. She needed caring for. Next thing in knew I was in an ambulance, sirens screaming.



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