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Sugar Beverage Taxes: How Sweet It Is

Sugar Beverage Taxes

Why the uproar over beverage taxes? The average per capita consumption of all types of sugar in the US has reached over 160 pounds of sugar per year. Liquid corn syrup is the number one sugar source. I don’t drink pop very much; maybe a can a month. It means someone is making up for my dislike for liquid corn syrup, which is heavily contributing to the obesity problem in this country.

Food Subsidies

The government food subsidy to those out of work and the working poor should exclude these sugary beverages. They contribute to the health and obesity problems of the poor. These individuals eventually become a burden on a healthcare system that is running out of money. It has generated a real uproar. The corn industry’s profits are derived from selling these sweet drinks to the American consumer. They will see their profits and revenues declining if this event happens.

High Sugar Diet: The Perfect Storm in Bad Nutrition

To learn more about this crisis, all you have to do is go to Americans Against Food Taxes. You will sense the fear that is creeping into the liquid corn syrup industry and their allies. They are mustering the finest wordsmiths to put a positive spin on why it is not good to tax beverages that create health problems.

In fact, the liquid corn syrup producers have already petitioned the FDA to allow them to change the ingredient label on foods. Foods that contain liquid corn syrup will change to the new buzzword called “corn sugar”. This would be much more palatable to the American consumer. It would lessen the decline of sales of food and beverage products containing liquid corn syrup.

Blood Sugar

Several years ago, I went to Europe for a vacation. I spent two weeks eating a great variety of European foods which contained little or no sugar. The deserts only have a hint of sugar. This is the way Europeans like their sweets, with just a hint of sweetness. When I returned, I had my annual physical and to my amazement, my blood sugar fasting level was 79. It hasn’t been that good since then.

Processed Food and Your Health

Today it is around 100, and in the general scheme of things, it is considered high normal. The fact that I don’t drink pop, means that the other sources of sugar and liquid corn syrup are hidden in food products that I consume. To name a few, they are in ketchup, maple syrup, saltine crackers, bread, salad dressing, and the list goes on and on. Just read the labels. The liquid corn syrup is cheaper than sugar; even though both sugar and liquid corn syrup are both subsidized by the government.

Remove Government Subsidies

Rather than tax the beverages, all that has to be done is to get the politicians to vote to remove all subsidies on sugar and corn products. Let the marketplace decide what the consumer is willing to pay. It’s also a way of reducing the tax payer’s burden. That’s pie in the sky when you consider the political funds that come from the food industry that the politicians need to stay in office.

I admire those not letting food stamps pay for the source of unhealthy lifestyles. The government could go one step further though.

Terminate WIC

Abandon the WIC program which makes it easy for women to decide not to nurse their newborn. Mother’s milk contains natural immune boosting nutrients that the infant desperately needs until its own immune system matures, which takes more than a year. The aggressive vaccination medical mindset seems to ignore this reality. WIC is the government subsidy of baby formula to the poor. It benefits Abbott and Mead Johnson pharmaceutical companies who sell the WIC baby formula products.

It doesn’t benefit the babies. If it did, we would not have an infant mortality status with third world countries. Our rank the last time I looked was 43rd in the world. Number one being the country with the least number of infant mortalities. We spend twice as much per capita on healthcare than any other country. That just reinforces the fact that we are not addressing the healthcare issues in Washington properly.

Vitamin D Testing

All pregnant women should be given a mandatory Vitamin D blood test to determine if they are deficient. If they are, their newborn nine months later will also be deficient and will be unhealthy as well. The infant mortality program can be partially solved if all pregnant women were measured for their Vitamin D level while pregnant. Then they need to take Vitamin D during pregnancy to avoid health problems with the newborn. It was only a few years back when the medical profession woke up to the fact that women who were deficient in folic acid had a higher chance of having a baby born with spina bifida. Today, the rate of spina bifida problems has been greatly reduced. How long will it take for the medical profession to wake to the fact that sufficient Vitamin D is also essential to the newborn?

To keep this issue about obesity and excess sugar consumption in balance, an authoritative website where you will learn about the ills of excess sugar is: High Fructose Corn Syrup, A Not So Sweet Surprise

Only through education and changes in our nutritional system in the United States can we expect to decrease the mortality level of infants and children. Associated illnesses such as cancer affect too many of our children. The obesity problem can be fixed if the sugar barons don’t win the battle.

I’m waiting for our medical leadership to start leading and not following to make this happen.


T. Braun, Pharmacist, Buyer, Marketing Executive for a Major Drug Chain. Active for over 45 years in Pharmacy. Tom would like to hear from you at

Legal Stuff: Disclaimer – This document is informational in nature. Medical advice should be secured through your physician.


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