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Grandchildren Apology Responses

Responses to my column, “Apologies to My Youngest Grandchildren” See many other comments at Suddenly Senior’s Pans Page

“You hit the nail on the head!”

The article you wrote to your grandchildren was excellent. You hit the nail right on the head! I don’t like to argue politics but I have learned, through the years, that when the Republicans are in, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

I remember the world of which you speak. I come from Hamtramck, Mich. — the Detroit area. I remember very clearly when women went to work in the factories because so many of the men went off to war. I remember collecting newspapers and aluminum foil to help the war efforts. I also remember the men returning from war and, many of the women who did not want to give up their jobs because they liked the double income.

Today, there is no choice; two incomes are needed in today’s society. I remember when people would burn their mortgage and own their own home. With the price of houses being the way they are, I don’t see how young people will ever own their own home. It appears as though they’ll be making mortgage payments for the rest of their lives.

My dad, a retired attorney, bought the house I’m living in 1953 for $14,500. Today, a house like mine in Biscayne Park (Miami), FL is selling for $200,000. It makes no sense to me. I own my house; no mortgage and I hope to keep it that way. I have it willed to Barry University in my late daughter’s name. Helen was a victim of sudden death at age eleven.

I want any money that comes from the sale of the house to go into scholarships; I’m quite specific about that. I do believe in the saying that, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” My late mother made the remark, “Wouldn’t it be something if someone we sponsored found a cure for cancer?”

You’re right about caring, also. I taught elementary school in Dade County for 38 years. I’ve seen the changes in attitude. It’s really sad. This is my tenth year of retirement. I’m glad I’m not teaching today.

I don’t blame the children – they reflect the family attitude. I gave a 6th grade boy a D is Social Studies and forgot to send the warning note home. The father came in upset because he wasn’t forewarned. The principal asked me to change his grade to a C. I said, in front of the father and the boy, “If the father wants him to get a grade he didn’t earn, it’s okay with me.”

What is he teaching his son? Actions speak louder than words. Again, congratulations on a fantastic article.


(Mrs.) Joan Thompson

“… a sad commentary on how far liberalism has gone.”

The apologist column you wrote in “Suddenly Senior” to your grandchildren was a sad commentary on how far liberalism has gone to claim the high ground for “peace and justice.”

Besides the inaccurate political facts where you claim not one politician was voted out in the last election (Tom Daschle WAS voted out…), the Jimmy Carter tone of pessimism and fuzzy math school room analogy on tax reform benefiting only the rich were hilarious if not typical of today’s Democratic party.

Your conclusions that your grandchildren should look to Canada and Europe on how their government can benefit all, of course, was thinly veiled socialism.
And the comment that our elections are “not fair” could only have come from someone who voted for John Kerry.

Indeed, I hope that your grandchildren do look closely at Europe – in fact, I’d encourage them (and you) to read Natan Sharansky’s book, “The Case For Democracy.” Mr. Sharansky was a victim of Russia’s government where there were no elections, and understands well the problems of socialism, where government became god, and society was managed by fear rather than freedom like America.

Finally, I’d suggest you also read the article written by Dr. Jack Wheeler of “To The Point”, on the new Premier of Taiwan, and how he views that other great socialistic country, China – another place where no elections, fair or unfair, are held.

No apologies wanted here, Frank. America is the greatest country in the world, not because of liberals like you, but in spite of them.


Tom Miller


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