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“They didn’t even give us a jar of Vaseline!”

Just found out about Suddenly Senior and am giving it a good look; viewed your interview on CBS News this evening.

I heard you say tonight that our government is raping us seniors. Excuse me, but the government is nothing more than a piece of paper. We are getting raped by the people who facilitate the idea of the governing over the governed, the old imperialist concept.

I am 62 years old raised by a wealthy family that was raped during the ’60s after my father’s death by banks and the government. Sounds to me like the banks are about to steal the money from the seniors again. You know, money is never lost. It merely changes ownership.

When I hear statements like, we have the cheapest food in the world, or our gasoline is priced well below other countries, I want to regurgitate. When I first was married I bought furniture, bought a car, and paid for my daughter’s birth all on $500 per month. Now I can barely support a family of 4 on over $3000 per month. I paid $119 per month then for my newly built house. Now I pay $650 a month to rent a home that rents for $850 per month (I got a good deal).

The way this system is set up is all of those who call themselves wage earners are going to spend everything before their demise and leave nothing behind. And in the end, all their property will be transferred into the hands of, yes, the bankers.

Reminds me of a short story: I went to the local Concours De Elgance put on by the Lions Club. There a very old friend of our family who used to call upon my father’s dental practice greeted me. We greeted each other with open arms. As we briefly visited, I stated to Walter, things are not as we expected them to be. And with a tear welling up in his eyes, he replied to me, as he took my hand in his, ‘No, they are not.’

Now I know this is within the heart of all of us older folk. We put in our time and paid our dues. And they didn’t even give us a jar of Vaseline!



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