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Fear for the Future

“I fear for the future of the US if experience and wisdom are relegated to the scrap heap.”

What an excellent website this is. I’m extremely cynical about such things and held out as a staunch Luddite against this whole internet thing for as long as I could but…it is very positive and reassuring to find so many echoes of my own thoughts and experiences, humor and values in such a setting.

Oh yes, I’m bought-out and looking for employment, and I’ve stopped actually counting the number of resumes sent to date. Almost every time I’ve actually had an interview and/or a response it has been ” You are far too experienced for this..” obvious code for too old, too costly, too opinionated, too likely to question authority, too risky, too old school.

In short, the 30+ years in a fairly specialized business building a reputation and a track record is a liability to me now and almost a guarantee of rejection.

This a) hurts and b) is wrong.

I’m all over the hurt by my sense of moral outrage burns brightly. I fear greatly for the short, median and long-term future of the United States if experience, and the wisdom that it can bring, are relegated to the scrap-heap in favor of a younger, infinitely cheaper workforce that will do, unthinkingly, as it is told.

Part of the pleasure of learning my profession was the varied and extraordinary group of people with whom I worked over the years, many were very experienced and wise and were glad to share their knowledge and their insights. I could never have succeeded without such mentoring and my life would be infinitely less rich.

To sever this flow of knowledge (which HAS to be a positive asset) seems like an act of willful sabotage to an economy and a future that’s going to need all the help it can get.


Guy Cooper



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