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FDA Flunkies: FDA Approved

“It’s legalized highway robbery the FDA heartily approves of and promotes.”

What the FDA flunkies have done here is to offer yet another round of excuses for why they are incapable of doing their jobs. They have conjured up inspection and approval processes that creates a Mt. Everest from a speed bump.

They again fail to give the real reasons. If they still need more money, it they WILL get it. The eventual cost to taxpayers will not even BEGIN to approach that of continuing with the current legalized highway robbery the FDA heartily approves of and promotes.

They also fail to recognize that a great many of the current crop of imported drugs from other countries are already FDA approved. Some of the imported meds are not even manufactured within the US and can only BE imported. (Canada for example manufactures several of the most used breathing assist inhalants.)

The realization that the current US prices will have to join the rest of the world and become “fair and reasonable” seems to be beyond their biased comprehension

It is my firm belief that the bulk of US pharmacists and locally owned drugstores would prefer to sell their products at reduced prices in the neighborhoods they diligently serve, rather than have to live with fleecing Seniors, (their biggest and best customers), or anyone who is in desperate need of meds.

If they are able to buy for less, they can sell for less. Lower wholesale prices through competition also means:

  • Less cost to the taxpayer on the Medicare prescription drug benefit.
  • Less cost to all private or separate drug prescription plan administrators
  • Less copay for those on prescription plans
  • Less cost for medical facilities to the patient
  • Less cost to insurance companies for ALL healthcare programs.
  • Likely offerings of less expensive and more comprehensive Medicare supplemental coverage for Seniors.
  • Less cost in the next 10 years to Medicare itself.
  • Less budget deficit for all taxpayers.
  • Availability of lowered prices to ANYONE, not just seniors buying a prescription

And probably the most important benefit, the ability of those who need it most, especially seniors, to be able to obtain their needed meds. Enablement of the rest of the world’s drug producing countries to have a fair shot at R&D through equal and fair pricing schedules. R&D will finally be enabled to any country who wants to participate and contribute their expertise.

None of this can happen unless Congress slams Big Pharma with the 2 by 4 of fair and reasonable prices through passage of re-importation legislation as written.

Members of the FDA seem to be under the impression that they can tell the American voter and Senior what they can and cannot have.

Wrong!! Not this senior anyway……

It is clearly the demise of the FDA as we know it, and as Big Pharma runs it.

Contact your reps. Tell them where you stand, and that November will be here soon. Senators: Congress:


Ted Minnard



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