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Eliminate Prescription Drug Advertising

“Eliminate Prescription Drug Advertising”

I would strongly advocate the elimination of advertisements for prescription drugs that are targeted at the general public. I personally find the advertising patronizing, with incomplete information.

I feel that this form of advertisement is simply adding cost into an already bloated prescription drug industry. The advertising does not add to the public knowledge of the products, or add any specific value. What is hoped for is to have the public demand a advertised name brand product to increase market penetration.

Generally, the public is not sufficiently informed to make medical judgments as to the appropriate treatment and use of prescription drugs. This is why a physicians prescription is required before the public can obtain the drugs. Given that the public has to obtain the consent of a physician to obtain the drugs, the advertising would seem to be providing little health care value.

I believe that this proposed advertising ban would have a very favorable impact on the cost of prescription drugs. It is my observation, that given that these substances are controlled via the prescription paradigm, that the first amendment is not necessarily applicable to these advertisements.

If you agree that this is in fact the case, please send an email to your respective representatives. It is high time that these people find out what the feelings are of the people that pay the bills.

Tom Tolstead


Dear Tom,

I couldn’t agree more. Big Pharma now spends over $3 billion a year pushing drugs, many of which are not as good — and certainly not as cheap — and over the counter products. And guess who’s paying for it all? Congress and the FDA made it possible for the druggies to advertising without saying anything substantial. It’s up to them to fix their big, big mistake.



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