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Elections are a Scam


Voters seem to always “shoot themselves in the foot” by voting against their own best interests. Elections are a scam.

For years, we have needed regulations on banks, Wall Street, and big business, but Republicans want deregulation so big business can steal us blind in the name of capitalism.

The goal of the recent mortgage freeze is to prevent owners of mortgage backed securities, many of them foreigners from suing U.S. banks and forcing them to buy back worthless mortgage securities at face value — right now at about 10 times their market worth. This freeze is not to benefit American citizens.

Voters seem to always “shoot themselves in the foot” by voting against their own best interests and believing our corrupted government lies! Big business owns this government and no matter who is elected, they will serve the big business interests. It will remain “profits before people.”

It is hard to understand “dumbed down” Americans. H.L. Mencken said, “The men American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars, the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

Americans showed their unbelievable stupidity again in these past primaries by voting for more of the same that we have. They believe the liars again!  It tells the truth about elections and how it is planned out for big business, no matter who is elected.

The American people are more interested in “American Idol” TV show and other irrelevant celebrity news nonsense then about major issues govern their lives and their children’s future. “People live in a government-provided dream world where they can be led like sheep and don’t have to think for themselves.”

Have the American people gotten so scared and lazy that they don’t want to know the truth about all the underhanded dirty deeds our government has done and is doing! That way they can continue to live in that “dream world.”

As our Constitution crumbles, they can listen to the government saying “everything is A-Okay” and Americans still believing the lie!



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