Credit: Playing Your Credit Cards Right

Bad news for anyone who likes a freebie. Credit-card companies are cutting back on their rewards. In the last month, Citibank and American Express have ended the 5 percent and double-cash-back rebates offered for cardholders who frequent grocery stores and gas stations. The latest reward schemes are more complicated, less generous and require some planning….

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Senior Travel Deals & Discounts

The silver lining of growing old… Yes, growing older does have a silver lining. But not every senior discount beats what young’uns pay. How can you tell a good deal from a crock of Geritol? Outside of Trust-Fund Kids, no group has more leisure time than older folks–and the travel industry is well aware of…


Wanted: Your Life Insurance

Investors are keen to offer “life settlements.“ Seller beware Remember the hard sell you got when you bought that insurance policy 20 years ago? Well, times have changed. It’s quite possible the agent who sold you that policy now represents investors who want to buy it. They’ll pay you a lot more than you could…

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Overcharged by Standard Charges

“My electric company charges me $52.45 to ‘deliver’ $18.16 worth of electricity. What’s that all about? “ [NOTE: I receive e-mail like this almost every day. Please understand that all we want is a fair break for these good American senior citizens. Frank] Iam now battling with my electric company, Conectiv. The minute the government…

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Nickeled and Dimed in America

“What they want is for us to die quickly and be done with us.” In the 60’s, Medicare came about because people were dying as they could not afford healthcare. It became a choice of either food or medication; food won out and people died. So, Medicare was born. Now here it is 35 to…


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