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The Best Trivia Questions for Seniors: Fun Elderly Quizzes

Take a gander at our collection of the best trivia questions for adult seniors and brag about your senior trivia games results before dementia prevents it. We’re sure you’ll learn and laugh with these easy trivia questions and answers for those of us that refuse to get old.

Trivia for Seniors
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Don’t take our word for it. Take our online quizzes and funny trivia questions and let us know how well you did.

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Play all of our trivia games for seniors. We promise you’ll enjoy our elderly trivia for seniors. Print our fun easy senior trivia questions for adults and share them with your friends.

Printable Easy Trivia Questions for Adult Seniors

All of the following senior trivia links are printable and ready for sharing. Check back for more as we add more senior quizzes periodically.

How Many Do You Remember? Start Counting

Check out our list of items from yesteryear and see how many you can remember.

Fun Trivia Questions & Facts: Science, History, and Sex

Need some easy fun general knowledge questions to stump your friends? Take a look at our fun trivia facts…you may learn something.

Geezer Test! Are You “Older Than Dirt?”

Forgetting things, lately? You too, huh? This trivia for the elderly is your chance for redemption. Twenty questions that prove once and for all whether you’re older than dirt.

Beatles Trivial Pursuit
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Hey Jude, Take A Walk In Strawberry Fields. Just how good is your failing memory of the Fab Four. The perfect trivia questions for 70-year-olds.

Keep Your Brain Young
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Remember the Titters & Terrors of Yesteryear?

Take a stroll down radio’s memory lane. This “Older Than Dirt” Suddenly Senior Trivia Quiz will show you how much you remember!

Stars In Your Eyes Trivia Quiz

Yet another chance to prove that you’re “Older than Dirt.” Remember Liz Taylor’s love life, Brando’s “Stellaaaa,” old Blue Eye’s marriages?

1940s Trivia: What Do You Remember About WW2?

Looking for 1940s trivia about WW2? Learn some WW2 history here.

Welcome Back to the ’50s Yet Another “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz

OK, OLD TIMER. You think you remember it all, the Korean War, McCarthy, Elizabeth’s coronation, Khrushchev’s shoe, Elvis, fins, Sputnik, hula hoops and Barbie dolls. Let’s see how good you really are!

TV Cop Outs: Another “Are You Older Than Dirt?” Quiz

How’s your memory today? We won’t even ask you to recall long-gone radio personalities. (Maybe next time!) Just a few famous TV cops from the ’50s to last season’s NYPD Blue. Just the facts, Ma’am.

“Horses & Horrors” Another “Older Than Dirt” Radio Quiz

Remember “Gang Busters?” How about “The Inner Sanctum?” If these questions jog your brain cells, you should do well on this new Suddenly Trivia for Seniors Quiz.

Spring Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

More taxing of the old noggin, seeing if there’s anything there from the ’40s and ’50s.

1st Annual “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz

Here’s your chance to prove that your memory’s (almost) intact.

2nd Annual “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz

What do Sparkle Plenty, Lou Costello, Fibber McGee, Trigger, Doris Day, Black Jack Chewing Gum, 10¢ War Bond Saving Stamps, and Pinocchio have in common? They’re all part of this week’s Suddenly Senior Trivia Quiz. See how YOU do.

3rd Annual “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz

Yet another chance to prove that your memory’s (somewhat) intact. Victory Gardens, telephone party lines, blue bulbs, old Studebakers, and how “The gals will all pursue ya.” It’s all here in the 203 searches for those “Older Than Dirt!”

3rd-and-a-Half Annual “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz

We know how you did on the 3rd Annual Quiz. Here’s your chance to redeem yourself and prove that all those who say that your memory’s gone are only half right.

4th Annual “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz

We know how you did on the 3rd Annual quiz! And you thought that you knew something. Ha! This one tests your memory of old ads from the ’40s and ’50s. Prove that you still have a bit of memory left.

5th Annual “Older Than Dirt” Trivia Quiz

If you can’t remember your current phone number but know the earned run average of a 1940s baseball player or your 2nd-grade teacher’s name, this is the quiz for you!

Printable Movie Trivia Quiz for Seniors

A different look at the best films of all time. Will you recognize them? Take this trivia for seniors quiz and found out.

Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Looking for some classic Disney movie quizzes? Get over 30 trivia questions and answers for seniors here.

Impossible Quiz for Seniors: Brain Teasers & Riddles

Check out our senior version of the impossible quiz. It’s equipped with brain teasers and riddles.

Online Trivia Quizzes for Adult Seniors

Online Family Feud Quiz: Pick the Best Answer

Remember all of those episodes of Family Feud you watched? See if you remember any of the answers!

Online Family Feud Quiz Part 2!

Ready to test your intelligence with some general knowledge questions? Let’s see how well you do on round two of Family Feud!

Online Family Feud Quiz Part 3!

You’ve made it this far…go for round 3 of Family Feud!

Online Family Feud Quiz Part 4!

Round 4 of Family Feud!


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