Senior Stories

Record Those Memories

I’ve got a couple of friends who are living through the trying time of dealing with spouses trapped in the world of dementia and a couple others who are living through the hospice phase of their partner’s life. Neither is a comfortable place to be, but often a fact of life as we slide through…


Living Smaller and Smaller and Smaller

Recently the news was filled with the prospect of New York building mini apartments to help house its growing population. I really didn’t get what the entire hullabaloo was about. I’ve lived small before and it isn’t all that bad. There have always been those in New York City who have found and fixed up…

Senior Stories

Bagging Omelets

I think we set out to bag some turkey. But I ended up bagging omelets. It was during a trip to North Carolina; it had to be the best Christmas present anyone has given me since my folks gave me a little Arvin AM radio nearly 70 years ago. My old fishing and hunting buddy,…

Life Lessons & How Tos

Time & Talents

As we age we definitely have a couple of secret weapons in our time and talents. While many of us have kept up with modern technology, we retain the Talent to write letters, something younger generations rarely, if ever, stoop from their high-tech platforms to do. And, we have the time to do it. Last…

Senior Stories

Now They’ve Taxed My Cat

I had an old calico cat for 17 of the 25 years I lived in the Florida Keys. After she died there was a void that is hard for a dog person to explain. I grew up in the country where cats were for keeping down the mouse population and rarely became house pets. Besides…


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