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Anyone Want to Hire an Old Guy?

“Anyone Want to Hire an Old Guy?”

Anyone want to hire an ole guy?

Never had to ask that question before. Always worked and never thought I would need to again after retirement, but lo an behold. I am flat busted broke, except for that social security check. And now even McDonalds tell me “we will let you know.”

Thought about starting a Used People Lot but apparently that is not a good move, what with all the new models on the market. Competition is tough out there. So what is a guy to do? Beg? Naw too proud and embarrassing Then maybe I should try the sympathy thing. Poor me.

Well, I am just tired sitting in my rocking chair, tired of TV, tired replying to ads that don’t respond (when I tell them my age) , and I am getting mad!!!!! Where is it written that we older active people with experience are not supposed to anything anymore? I am educated, I am healthy and probably more reliable and have a lot more to offer than those so-called human resource people that have relegated us to the back of the bus.

Lets start a Union!!!! AARP wants us to buy wheel chairs, cemetery plots and insurance. They are one of the reasons that we are stereotyped. I want to sail around the world, chase girls and eat fattening food and yes, drink what I want. without someone preaching to me about heart trouble, cholestrol, adinfinitum.

Anyone else feel the same??

Our Union would declare freedom from retirements villages, doctors and all vestiges of the stereotypically AARP profile. Hell yes, we are going to get sick from time to time, but look at the odds… There are lot more young people that visit doctors, and we all die regardless. Isn’t it about time we lived a bit more. Even if it is just a bit shorter than some?

The Union would declare that a moratorium be placed on companies hiring anyone under 50 years of age until we have an unemployment rate equal to the national overall unemployment rate. Oh AARP says the law protects us. No company is allowed to discriminate anyway.

HA!!!! Anyone out there ever been told “we are an equal opportunity employer but ” we have no opening right now”, or “we will call you”., I have, too many times to count.

Our Union dues would go toward hiring more people to solicit more members. Like the charities do. Our motto would be “Want a Job? Join the Union”

I would be nice if I could get some support out there. Perhaps you could write me, not you senator or congressman.




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