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I, for one, am actually enjoying this “advanced age.”

You never cease to touch my heart with your e-columns! Either you have me laughing so hard over the Monday Jokes, or else you have (sometimes) put a tear in my eye, a sigh in my heart or a nostalgic sense of belonging because of a memory you have managed to evoke.

Today’s column of, “When did we get old?”, certainly got my attention. But actually, it put me in a different frame of mind than what I thought I was going to head towards. Yes, chronologically, I suppose I do qualify as “old.” I have hit that stage in life where many of my physicians are younger than some of my underwear and the damnable AARP people just will NOT leave me alone with their incessant mailings!

But you know what? Perhaps it is simply senility setting in, but I, for one, am actually enjoying this “advanced age” of me. For example, down here in the South, (and hopefully all over this wonderful country of ours) if I enter a crowded restaurant with a wait list and no place to sit, some wonderful young person will eye me for a moment and then smile and softly ask if I would like to sit as they ease out of their chair at the bar. (And yes, I ALWAYS have the bartender send them another of whatever they are drinking as a thank you.)

Another example is that the older I get, the more I can get away with saying and people now find it “cute.” I can tell someone they are just drop dead gorgeous and no one worries if I have ulterior motives. I can hug and kiss EVERYONE upon arrival and finally, (hoorayyyy!) no other female feels as though I am being predatory towards her man. I can take a class in college that fascinates me and because I am older than almost everyone else’s in that class’ grandmother, I am viewed as a role model. Imagine! ME, a role model! How simply wonderful!

I can get away with wearing, (or NOT wearing) outrageous things and people find it either admirable that I have the spunk, or darling that I want to “keep up with the fashion trends at my age.”

I get to take advantage of all of the senior discounts that seem to be offered everywhere I go and best of all, no one gets crabby when I announce that it is time for me to take my afternoon nap! Not that I actually nap mind you, I just prefer to have some time to myself to read, write notes, play on my computer, try on new make up or whatever else strikes my fancy, without an audience.

I suppose what I am trying (badly) to say is that I am finding that in my “old” age, people are somehow discovering a much more wonderful me than there really might be. But you know what? The REAL, devious me, is not about to clue them in to the fact that inside, I am STILL that same kid with big feet, a loud mouth that always said the wrong thing, wearing mismatched clothing!

Yes, I am having a ball being “Suddenly Senior” and it is my sincere hope that the rest of you are too!

Keep up the good work Frank, you always make my day.

Sunny Wilson



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